It’s a Big New World

February 4, 2011 at 6:56 pm 1 comment

Okay, I wasn’t going to write again so soon, but in looking through the news today I was smacked by the title “Global Obesity Rates Have Doubled Since 1980” and I had to read it. This article discussed the stats that support the idea that obesity is no longer a western problem, but is a growing problem everywhere in the world. The comparison between 1980 and 2010 is what shocked me. Check this out, in 1980 5% of men and 8% of women worldwide were obese. Today 10% of men and 14% of women are considered obese. I just checked with the US Census Bureau and right now we have a total world population of 6,897,863,060 people on the earth today. The article stated that “205 million men and 297 million women” are obese. 209+297=506 million obese adults today. I would ask what the world is coming  to, but it seems a little obvious.

So, the question I have for you is what now? Where do we go from here? What new problems will this world face because of the obesity epidemic? Several news articles picked up on this study today and most of them mentioned the possible health implications of a world population that is growing around the middle. Some discussed a potential wave of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and cancer, but none of them mentioned what this will cost politically, socially and economically. So, weigh in America, what do you think. What are the implications of not only a growing America, but a growing world?


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Worth our Weight What’s for Lunch?

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  • 1. cacostello  |  March 19, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    I am also shocked and saddened by those numbers and frankly I don’t know what we can do. It gives me hope that we are starting to realize the problem and trying to create programs and awareness about it but it just seems like what we really need to do is get rid of restaurants and food processing plants…it’s too bad that’s such a complicated and completely unrealistic solution. Thanks for the post.


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