Qnexa-Just Another Weight Loss Pill???

April 11, 2011 at 2:19 pm Leave a comment

A recent study published about a phase 3 clinical trial found that participants who took Qnexa (a weight loss supplement that combines phentermine and Topamax) and followed a weight loss program lost more weight than the control group that had access to counseling only. The control group lost 3 pounds on average, while the Qnexa group lost between 18 and 20 pounds. I haven’t seen the actual statistics yet, but I’m guessing that this is significant. According to an article on CNN.com the Qnexa group received the same nutrition and lifestyle counseling that the control group did and the only difference was the addition of Qnexa.

But, before you rush out and stock up, consider this. What was in the counseling? Most people can lose 3 pounds on their own, but can they keep it off or is it a quick fix? Is the Qnexa as effective without the counseling? I know that people in  a study are more likely to participate because the are chosen based on their likeliness to stay in the study. If this study has been done correctly then they did the best they could to allow for generalizability but the people chosen to be in this study could be different from you and I.

So, weigh in America. What do you think? Should information about Qnexa be published and given to the general public right now? What else do we need to know? Should companies be required to give the general public a list of the criteria that they used in determining subjects for their study?


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