A Picture Is Worth 1000 Calories

April 12, 2011 at 4:04 pm 1 comment

Okay, this is cool. An article today titled “New App Calculates Calories Through Photos of Food” highlights Meal Snap, a new iPhone app. This app created by the Daily Burn, a free “fitness, nutritional tracking and social motivation” plan is designed to magically tell you how many calories are in any picture of food you send in through the app. According to the Meal Snap website the app costs a low $2.99 and will not only give you the nutritional break down of the food in your picture, but track the nutritional value of your meals over time.

But wait, there’s more. Once you’ve gathered this amazing information about that delicious looking ice cream sundae you can then tweet, or write a post about it on FourSquare. That’s right, not only can you gain calorie enlightenment from this app, but you can go on to share that information with all of your friends and followers. The Daily Burn reps say that allowing users to tweet and share their food information is purely to allow for individual accountability (which since you choose what you post and don’t post I’m not entirely sure that this is the best way to instill a sense of accountability in people), but I think that it can do more than that.

Currently the FDA is looking at passing laws that would make food establishments give calorie and nutrition information right on menus so that consumers can make informed decisions right at the point of choice, but I think that more than anything this app can help make food establishments accountable. Let’s say Lady Gaga, who has 9311478 followers on Twitter decides to eat at Cafe La Boheme in LA and has their famous Boheme Burger Sliders and she finds out that they’re about 5000 calories. What if she tweets this to all 9311478 of her followers and now they all know that eating the Boheme Burger Sliders will give you double your daily calories? I’d think that Cafe La Boheme would want to step up and either claim or work to change this new reputation.

So, weigh in America, what do you think? Does an app like this have major potential for industry accountability? It’s too soon to tell if this app will sink or swim, but if it takes hold, do you think that it could be part of a healthy food revolution?


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  • 1. susannahnaillon  |  April 17, 2011 at 7:40 am

    I wonder how many people would actually take their time to use the app. I personally probably would, because I am fascinated by the topic. I just think too many Americans aren’t interested in improving their diet when it comes to weight loss or improving health.


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