Slim Down for Good Grades

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According to this article Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist who has devoted his life to food behavior, thinks that children who are slim should receive higher marks in school. This plan would give children an option of using their weight to boost their scores in their final year of school. This would increase their “baccalaureat” score. For those who don’t know, or who don’t want to click on the link the baccalaureat in France is a test that shows that you are well-rounded and ready to study in a university. A little like, but not exactly like the SAT or ACT here in America.

So, essentially Dukan is suggesting that young adults who are preparing to enter a university be given bonus points on their entrance exams. That’s right kids, if you do your best to stay/obtain a healthy BMI you can get an automatic extra 400 points on your SAT or 3 points on the ACT.

As someone who was once a slim high school senior trying to get into college I probably would have thought that something like this was great. As a health professional now, it interests me because I can see this being a good measure of how well a future student living on his or her own for the first time might take care of themselves. There are definitely some potential positive outcomes for a program like this.

I see a few possible problems with this incentive. Dukan states ” The baccalaureat is really important in France. Kids want to get it, their parents want them to even more, so why not get them to work together on nutrition?” How many kids are already killing themselves to study, be involved in sports and like 8 extra curricular activities because it will look good on their college applications? How many parents are already putting pressure on their children to excel and be awarded scholarships because the economy is difficult? Do high school kids need this as an added pressure?

Also, where is the carry over? What happens when those kids get into the university, but no longer have the goal of nutrition because they’re already in? What happens when the parents who buy and prepare healthy items are no longer around for balanced nutrition and these young adults fall into pop tart and energy drink that many freshman fall prey to?

I think this is a unique concept with a lot of potential, but also a lot of potential problems. Weigh in America. Would something like this motivate you or your teens? Would you have worked harder to keep a healthy weight if it increased your chances of getting into a good school? As a parent would you try to be a little more health conscious for your teen?



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