Fat and Fit: Fact or Fiction

January 4, 2013 at 1:45 am Leave a comment

fat and fitHello again! Today CNN featured an article by Marilyn Wann titled Big deal: You can be fat and fit. Ms. Wann believes that “being fat might not be a death sentence” and her article goes on to detail how fat people face discrimination when really, being fat might not be the worst health crime a person can commit. She shares that when she was 26 she was denied health insurance, not for any medical reason, but for her weight. The article then goes on to highlight two experiences where people were given, what she believes is unfair and incorrect medical advice.

So…because you are dying to know, I’m not sure what to think about this. I feel like the examples she shared are a little empty. If you weigh too much for the MRI machine I don’t think that the rules should be bent for you, the same way I don’t feel like the children should be measured on the adult BMI scale. You can’t use something that isn’t designed for some physical limitation that have and expect accurate or safe results. For the teen who found another doctor when her nurse practitioner told her that she would need to lose weight to cure something (we’re not told what), every patient is entitled to find physician that they feel listens and provides them with good information.

However, I agree with the idea that being fat/overweight/obese does not equal bad health. I’m sure that we all know people with serious health problems that have a normal BMI and I’m sure we all know someone who is fat/overweight/obese who has never been sick a day in their life. I truly believe that health, real genuine complete health, is not defined and cannot be predicted by the number on the scale. I believe that the number on the scale is an indicator, nothing more nothing less.

So, weigh in America, can you be fat and fit? Is there more to health then what you see when you step on the scale? How big of a role should weight play in how a person treated, medically or otherwise?

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