Get Involved

The Obesity Action Coalition has a lot of great resources for  helping individuals who struggle with being overweight or obese. Using this site you can find different ways that you can be involved by becoming an advocate, joining a walk or sharing your own amazing story. Check it out!

If you want to get involved in helping your family to eat healthier and learn how to maintain a healthy weight then this page on is a good place to start. This website gives parents a lot of ways that they can be more actively involved in teaching their children about health and how to get the entire family moving!

Planning and organizing what you will eat and how much you eat are crucial for maintaining a health weight and ensuring that you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that you need. The FDA has an amazing resource in where you can plan meals, snacks and even activities for  your entire family that meet your goals.

Sometimes we all need someone to check-up on us and make sure that we’re meeting out physical fitness goals. is designed to do just that. I like to use their activity planner to help me stay motivated to exercise and drink my water! (Just as a note, I like the menu planner on mypyramid better than I do on this website, but I really like that this website lets you plan a route to walk, jog or run in your area and then helps you to see how many calories you’ve burned/miles you’ve gone!)

We often need a goal and if you’re like me once you’ve paid for something you’re going to do it. If you’re not into running it may seem like your community has nothing to offer, but helps you to find whatever you’re into where ever you are. Set a goal to be part of something that you like to do and then train for it!


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